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What will it cost?

As a not-for-profit business trying to make wild camping more accessible Camp 404 tries hard to keep prices low and affordable. We know how important this is at the moment. However, events we provide for free are not free to host, so at the booking stage there is usually an option to make a voluntary donation to help cover expenses. There is no pressure at all to contribute, but every little helps. 

Expeditions are the only events we charge for, and prices will be shown here once plans have been finalised for 2024.

What's included in the expedition price?

Two fully qualified, insured and experienced leaders (Emma Holland ML, Dave Beare HML)

Training and support before, during and after the expedition

Provision of all specialist backpacking/camping equipment

Free clothing hire (subject to availability, although we have good stocks of waterproofs and insulated jackets)

For the Combined Training & Expedition package the training venue and campsite fees are included

What's NOT included?

Travel to and from the expedition location


Everyday outdoor  clothing*

*If you don't own a pair already, sturdy and waterproof walking boots will be your main purchase. You will also need some non-cotton wicking base layers, trousers suitable for walking (not jeans!) and some warm layers (eg fleece).


Food preferences are very personal, so we advise about good choices for walking and camping but we leave you to bring your own.


Transport to and from the expedition location is not included in the price and is your responsibility to arrange. We strongly encourage all participants to use public transport and the expeditions are planned with this mode of transport in mind. Please see our Sustainability Policy for more details about responsible travel.


If you are experiencing financial hardship support is available in some circumstances. Please see the Bursary Fund page for more information.

To reserve a place on a training workshop or expedition, please go to the Bookings page.

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