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Sustainability Policy



We are passionate about the environment and the communities we visit. Demonstrating and promoting responsible behaviour is at the centre of everything we do and this sustainability policy is our commitment to minimising the impact Camp 404 has on the planet generally, and the areas we visit in particular. It's a work in progress, not perfect, so if you have any ideas about how we can do better please do get in touch via the Contact page.

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it"  ― Mahatma Gandhi

1. Based on the key Leave No Trace principles, we will walk and camp responsibly by doing the following -

    * Plan ahead and prepare well

    * Travel and camp on durable surfaces

    * Take all our rubbish away and dispose of waste properly

    * Leave everything as we find it, or if others have left a mess, do our best to clear up

    * Cook simple 'no-waste' meals using stoves (campfires can damage the environment)

    * Respect and protect the environment (wildlife and habitats)

    * Be considerate to others by being friendly, helpful, quiet, and camping away from paths and out of sight

2. We will carry reusable water/drinks bottles and minimise our use of non-recyclable packaging.

3. On expeditions we will support local economies by using town/village shops, pubs, and cafe's.

4. To reduce our carbon footprint, traffic congestion and pollution, we will always aim to travel to and from expedition locations by public transport. All car travel will be kept to a minimum and avoided wherever possible. Here are the main reasons  -

  *  Access; you do not need to own, or have access to a car to join a Camp 404 expedition

  *  Reliability; travelling by car is generally less reliable/predictable than by train and bus

  *  Parking; finding convenient, safe and legal overnight parking can be very difficult

  *  Flexibility; By using buses/trains expedition routes do not have to be circular, increasing possibilities

  *  Safety; Public transport is a very safe mode of transport, and you don't have to drive home tired

  *  Congestion; the National Parks are already overrun with cars, we urgently need alternatives

  *  Pollution/carbon footprint; public transport has a lower environmental impact

5. We commit to a continuous process of learning, improvement and living more sustainably.

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