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If you're new to wild camping and want to find out more, just book your place on an Introduction to Wild Camping zoom session. It's free, so you have nothing to lose! 

If you have attended an introductory zoom session and want to give wild camping a try, you can book a place on a Training Workshop if you live in or near Essex. If you live further away and know you want to join a Camp 404 expedition, Combined Training & Expedition would suit you better.


There is more detailed information on the Training and page. For bookings please scroll down to the Training Events section.


Expedition dates are shown below, and more information (including pricing) is available on the Expeditions page. To enquire please get in touch using the Contact form.


Training Events

All sessionlisted below are free and open to anyone aged 18+, or accompanied by a parent/guardian. You don't have to commit to an expedition in order to attend, but you do need to have attended an Introduction to Wild Camping session before you can book a Training Workshop. This is because there is important background information presented in the introductory sessions that will be referred to in the practical workshops.

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