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Training and support are at the heart of what we do. That's because successful and enjoyable adventures begin with thorough preparation.


For this reason we do expect everyone to complete all our training sessions before joining a Camp 404 expedition. You don't have to commit to join an expedition though. With the standard training package (see below) you can do the training first and decide about an expedition afterwards. 

Learning about tents and sleeping systems at a Camp 404 workshop

There are two training packages which differ according to kit collection/return arrangements and where and when the practical training is delivered. No fee is charged for delivering the training, but we do need to cover expenses and these vary according to the package. More on that below.


Standard Package

This package is suitable if it's quick and easy for you to make the 3 journeys to Little Walden, Essex. These are for -

  1. Training Workshop

  2. Pre-expedition kit collection and refresher session

  3. Post-expedition kit return

There are expenses associated with this training package but they are low.

Price: No fees are charged, but donations are requested.

Combined Training & Expedition Package

A combined package is ideal if 3 trips to Little Walden isn't a viable option. With this package practical training sessions are delivered just before an expedition at a location nearby. Kit is collected at the training venue and returned immediately after the expedition. Combined training for Dartmoor expeditions includes an overnight stay at a campsite close to the moors. This extra night allows plenty of time to practice skills in a lowland setting before heading out onto the moors for the expedition. Combined training for Lakes expeditions doesn't include an extra night, with all training covered on the first day of the expedition before we set off. 


Training is always delivered free of charge, but expenses are significantly higher for the Dartmoor and Lakes combined training packages compared to the standard package so there is a supplement added to the expedition price to help recover these costs. See the Expeditions page for more information about pricing.

As well as training, we provide free and unlimited email and WhatsApp support before, during and after the expedition.

We start with an Introduction to Wild Camping. This is a zoom session with a presentation and plenty of Q&A time afterwards. By the end you'll have a clear idea what wild camping is, and how Camp 404 can help you get started.

After the introductory session, if you decide to give wild camping a try you can book on to a Training Workshop or enquire about booking a Combined Training & Expedition if you don't live locally. After booking you will be sent a link to a training video and a digital copy of the latest version of the Camp 404 Handbook. We recommend you watch the video and have a look at the handbook before attending the workshop. If you would like a hard copy of the handbook they will be available to purchase at the workshops. There is a small charge for hard copies to cover printing costs.


Each Training Workshop is very hands-on and the environment is relaxed and collaborative. We'll discuss what to carry, and how to pack everything. You'll learn about walking in hill and mountain terrain and the essential skills needed. You'll also practice with the tents, stoves and the other items of kit.

Beyond the essentials there are many opinions rather than hard and fast rules. That's why we focus a lot on developing a good mindset.


With the right approach and some experimentation you can find out what works for you. Discovering for yourself is important. It's your adventure after all.

Interested? If so, the adventure begins on the Booking page!

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