Once you've attended an introductory workshop and you've decided you want to join an expedition you'll need to do some preparation.


The skills workshops are designed to equip you with the right knowledge, skills and confidence. Being properly prepared is important for the safety of yourself and the group so attendance is a requirement for booking your place on an expedition.

Our goal is to make this adventure a positive and memorable experience so our support also includes Kit, Resources and Mentoring. We can also advise about Fitness training, but we can't do the hard work for you!


Expeditions take place in The Lake District or other similar upland area in the UK and will help consolidate your hill and camping skills.  Beyond this, it should also be an inspiring experience, and hopefully a launch pad to set you off on your own adventures in the future.

"The greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. Time to think or not think, read or not read, scribble or not scribble ... by being utterly useless in the calculations of the culture at large I become useful, at last, to myself.” ― Philip Connors

On an expedition you will be part of a small group, lead by Emma and assisted by Dave. Together, we will hike into the hills to practice and build on the skills covered in the workshops. We will spend each day walking together as a group, but we will then camp in solo tents. So it will be a balance of social time and solitude, with plenty of opportunities to be alone, to stop, and to soak up the views and the experience. To be, rather than to do. To slow down, calm the mind. Be in the moment. Think. Reflect.

"Solitude helps you to redraw your own parameters, but its navigation takes skill and practice. Immersed in nature, you learn to look to the tides, winds, weather, currents, and raw elements more closely. That knowledge becomes instinctive. When I am alone, I am more focused and attuned to the particular nuances and subtleties in the natural world around me. Life is simplified. You feel your own humanity, physicality and interconnectedness acutely." ― Tamsin Calidas

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It's really important that we look after the environment as well as ourselves when out in the mountains, so we aim to minimise our impact by keeping groups small, travelling by public transport and following the Leave No Trace principles.

Camping in the hills has much to offer, but being in a remote location obviously means there are no facilities whatsoever. Washing will be in cold stream water, and with no toilet to go to you will have to dig your own. Perhaps neither seem attractive at first, but once you've managed them successfully there is a strangely exhilarating sense of achievement and of truly being at one with nature!

If you are interested in joining an expedition, please check Prices and availability on the Bookings page.

“I was to find a spiritual and physical satisfaction in climbing mountains – and a tranquil mind upon reaching their summits, as though I had escaped from the disappointments and unkindnesses of life and emerged above them into a new world, a better world.” –  Alfred Wainwright