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Dave Beare

"I came across Camp 404 on a Facebook ad. It caught my eye because they were fairly local to me (within 1.5hr drive) and were offering the support I needed to get started in the world of wild camping. I reached out and was met with fast, friendly and detailed information. I just knew it was right for me and I wasn’t wrong.
With Camp 404 you receive all the kit you could imagine so you don’t need to purchase everything beforehand in case you find it isn’t for you. I met with Dave for the training and instantly felt reassured I was in safe hands. He took great care of us from the outset answering a multitude of questions. Dave is extremely approachable with a great sense of humour and I felt at ease asking him anything, even some of the personal reservations you may have about wild camping.
Recently back from Dartmoor I give my heartfelt thanks for the care, consideration and empowerment I was given, meeting with other like-minded souls with a mix of fitness levels who all looked out for each other. Wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime.

 Tina, Essex

"When I first heard of Camp 404 it was offering a free introduction to wild camping. This was something I had long dreamed of doing, but had not managed due to a combination of lacking in skills, knowledge, fitness, suitable equipment and courage! However, free training? Surely if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Not so with Camp 404! 

Dave and Emma, of Camp 404, gave the most comprehensive insight into wild camping I could imagine and I am very glad I overcame my reservations and signed up. As well as offering insight into the essentials, such as 'Leave No Trace' and temperature variations in the hills, Dave advises on and  demonstrates the equipment you will need, and how/where to pitch a tent. We even packed a Camp 404 backpack with Camp404 kit (after playing with it all like kids in a sweet shop!) and went for a local walk while being given helpful navigation insights and tips on improving hiking fitness. 

Camp 404 offered me the chance to pay for an optional (no pressure whatsoever) real wild camp in the Lake District. I was reassured to go in the company of experts, Dave and Emma, who I had learned to trust already, that I jumped at the opportunity. Camp 404 lends equipment where needed and personal kit was checked for adequacy ahead of departure. We also learned how to put up and take down the Camp404 tents in high winds, just in case! 

Even with an unexpected injury before the camp, I was welcomed and supported by Dave and Emma throughout our expedition, always felt safe and everything went as smoothly as planned. The lack of facilities was nowhere near as daunting as I expected (and what to do is covered in training!), it turns out filtered stream water tastes great and the wellbeing gained from being outdoors for three days is beyond description!
I recommend Camp 404 to anyone who wants to 'do it right' or needs the extra reassurance of expertise when taking first steps into wild camping." 

 Yvonne, Hertfordshire

"The 3-day expedition led by Emma Holland Mountain Training and Dave Beare from Camp 404 was more about finding my comfort-zone rather than leaving it. Meticulous planning, detailed briefing and great company left me with nothing to wish for in the breath-taking terrain of the Lake District. Mind, body and soul were equally refreshed and the images, smells and sounds of the beautifully wild scenery will live long in my memory. Thanks a million, Dave and Emma." 

 Patrick Li (Facebook review, Emma Holland Mountain Training)

"I’ve just been on a 3 day, 2 night  wild camp to Dartmoor with Emma Holland MT and Dave from Camp 404. What an amazing weekend! The whole trip was perfectly planned and you could tell how much thought and preparation had gone into all aspects of it.  

Taking the train to Okehampton was a great relaxing start.  The zoom meetings and expedition prep days prepared me for the trip and gave me plenty of chances to ask questions, Dave was really approachable and I never once felt I was bothering him or my questions were silly.  He also has great knowledge regarding kit etc.  We were generously leant top quality equipment for the trip. I went with a friend but the others in the group had all gone solo, I’d have no worries about going on one of the trips solo in future.  

During the expedition, there was as much support for individuals as they needed, the walking is carefully adjusted to the ability of the group so if some are struggling the route can be changed, kindness and supporting each other is a strong philosophy of the group.  At the same time if you want to use this as a real wild camp experience you are also encouraged to be independent and take time on your own if you prefer. 

I felt completely safe with Emma and Dave, they both have an enormous amount of knowledge about walking, navigation and camping, their passion to get people out there doing this is obvious, especially anyone who is nervous about their ability to do something like this." 

— Rachel, Essex

"Took part in a three-day expedition organised by Dave Beare at Camp 404 with Emma Holland Mountain Training, thanks both for running such a fantastic trip.

Great bunch of friendly fellow walkers and would seriously recommend it. Both Emma and Dave have wonderful knowledge they love to share be it flora and fauna or navigation. It was some perfect well-needed off grid down-time.

I'm not the fittest by any stretch but it was perfectly manageable - and surprisingly comfortable!!

Particularly love the 'leave no trace' zero-impact philosophy of wild camping." 

— Gid S (Tripadvisor, Emma Holland Mountain Training)

"This was one of the best things I've ever done, and I've been around a while! The generosity of spirit of both Dave and Emma along with their skills and knowledge was a beautiful recipe for an amazing and empowering experience." 

 Tricia, Cambridge

"Dave runs a really brilliant and unique programme.  I’d highly recommend it as a way to help anyone who wants to start wild camping.  It’s lovely to have a focus over the winter on preparing for summer adventures.  Dave talks you through the whole process, every step of the way.  The end result is a bunch of happy people who are confident to go out wild camping on their own or with friends.  Don’t hesitate to sign up!"  

— Flora, Yorkshire

"I enjoyed a fabulous 3 day wild camping trip in the Lakes with Emma and Dave from Camp404. Emma is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced leader - quietly watching out for everyone on the trip and generously sharing her knowledge and experience. I learned loads and found myself pushed to achieve more than I would otherwise have done. It was great to get away from it all and to enjoy the outstanding, and often raw, beauty of the Lake District. Even saw some lenticular clouds which was a first for me. Didn't think about work once ..." 

— Daniel F  (Tripadvisor, Emma Holland Mountain Training)

"I had a fantastic 3 day trip to the Lakes wild camping with Emma and Camp404. I came back feeling exhilarated and refreshed. Emma was extremely patient with us and made sure everyone was safe and having fun. I appreciated her in depth knowledge of mountain plants and animals and she taught us some of their names. Wild camping in extremely remote spots was a highlight and stopping during the day to take in the surroundings helped me slow down and connect with the environment. Emma is a very friendly mountain guide with lots of knowledge to share."

  Iain H (Tripadvisor, Emma Holland Mountain Training)



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