For your own safety and enjoyment everything you take on an expedition needs to be reliable and fit for purpose.


You will need to buy a good pair of waterproof walking boots if you don't already own any (for advice just get in touch via the Contact page). Apart from the boots, Camp 404 provide all the backpacking and camping gear you need, so there is no financial risk in giving it a try. Camp 404 provide the following:

Rucksacks, dry bags, ultralight day bags, waterproof covers

Tents, repair kits

Sleeping bags (3-season, with liners)

Sleeping mats, sit mats

Cooking kit (stove, gas, pan/mug, cutlery, fire-steel)

Water bottles, containers & purification tablets

Survival bags and blankets, head torches

Biodegradable soap, wipes, towels, trowels, insect repellant

Maps and compasses


Base layers and mid layers (limited stocks)

Some of the kit Camp 404 provide to support your first wild camping expedition