COVID-19 Statement



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Camp 404 has developed a code of practice in line with current government guidance to keep everyone safe during workshops and manage the risk of spreading the virus. For expeditions which are run by Emma Holland Mountain Training (EHMT), please refer to the EHMT Covid-19 statement.

Code of practice

1. All activities will be conducted outdoors

2. The group size will not exceed 5.

3. The recommended 2m social distancing guidance will be followed where possible.

4. If necessary we will use the 1m+ guidance, but this will be for brief periods only.

5. All members of the group are required to bring their own hand sanitiser and face covering.

6. Do not attend a workshop if you have recently tested positive for Covid-19, or experienced symptoms.

7. If you test positive for Covid-19 or experience symptoms after a workshop you must inform Camp 404.

8. There will be no sharing of equipment or any other items which require hand contact within the group. 

9. Any equipment or other items provided by Camp 404 will be quarantined for 72hrs+ before and after use.

10. Toilet and hand washing facilities will be available in the ground floor bathroom of the venue. These will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each workshop. Hand sanitiser should be used before and after entering the property.