There are 4 workshop sessions which are FREE and open to anyone aged 18+ or accompanied by a parent/guardian;

1. Introduction to Wild Camping
2. Backpacking and Hillwalking
3. Campcraft
4. Pre-expedition Refresher

Workshop 1 is an introduction to wild camping, Camp 404, and the expeditions we run. There are now three different versions to choose from -

Learning about tents and sleeping systems at a Camp 404 workshop

A virtual 1:1 session on Zoom

Ideal if you aren't local, and also if you want to find out more before going any further. The session can  be adapted to your own personal needs.

A two hour workshop with demos and Q&A

Ideal if you're not sure, but interested to find out more. Lots of time for demos and questions.

A shorter one hour workshop

If you've already decided you want to try wild camping, this is the one for you. This is run on the same day as the sessions 2 and 3 so all three can be completed on the same day.


Workshops 2 and 3 focus on equipping you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to go on your first wild camp. These sessions are very hands-on and the environment is relaxed and collaborative.


You'll get familiar with the essentials to carry, and how to pack and walk with a loaded rucksack. You'll learn about walking in hill and mountain terrain and the essential skills needed. You'll also practice with the tents, stoves and the other items of kit you'll be carrying. Attending each of these skills workshops is a requirement before booking your place on a Camp 404 expedition. 

Once you have an expedition place, the 4th and final workshop is a refresher a few days before you go. At the end of this refresher session you will take your rucksack and kit home so you can start packing.

Beyond the essentials there are many opinions rather than hard and fast rules. That's why we also focus on developing a good mindset.

What kit is required for a wild camping expedition - Camp 404 workshop

With the right approach and some experimentation you can find out what works for you. Discovering for yourself is important. It's your adventure after all.

All workshops are based at or near my home in Little Walden, North Essex.

If you're interested, the adventure begins on the Bookings page!

Map and compass, the most reliable method of navigating in the hills - Camp 404 workshop